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Traditional Fridays

Monday through Thursday are for general traditions and now Fridays will be for stories based on specific traditions

Let's start with the obvious: holidays, specifically birthdays

Growing up our family's birthday traditions evolved throughout my life but each one really meant making you feel like the day was special and about you. 

When I was little I got to choose what my family would have for dinner, when I was a bit older I got to choose a restaurant to go to. This small bit of control over a whole the whole family's evening felt like quite a change from everyday life. 

We also had cake. My mom did something that is typical for parents, and she made very elaborate cakes for her first child. My older sister got a 3D care bear cake for her first birthday and a castle cake at some point. I was the second child with a smallish gap between us so I got relatively simple, plain cakes. 

Now let's be clear: I don't care, it's not a big deal and looking back I don't know why I ever cared, cake is lame, but as a kid it ticked me off. This came to a head when I was a teenager, so for my sixteenth birthday my mother made me a computer cake where chiclets and gel frosting made a keyboard. 

As an adult I tend to make really fun desserts and bring them to work and I never make cake. As I come up to a "big" birthday in 2015 I'm trying to plan my desserts. I'm thinking creme brulee, chocolate bread pudding, eggnog cheesecake, flavored caramels (maybe apple cider) and who knows what else. 

Another thing that eventually became part of teh birthday tradition was a trip to goodwill and possibly a shoe store. We could get some serious clothes shopping done and it would be relatively cheap. I remember looking for leather jackets and some other pieces that I wore quite a lot. I still go to goodwill and I still find great deals. This is one of those things I have learned to love more as an adult (and I really enjoyed it as a kid). I even ventured to the local thrift store on my last birthday. It was a ton of fun!

What are your birthday traditions? Are there different traditions for each of your siblings and/or kids?