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10 on Tuesday

Carole want us to write about things we are looking forward to if I was still in New England it would be spring, but our in CA it's a little different

1) Stitches West - still debating on whether I'm going to budget for a more than just a market walk-through, but I do think I'm going to show up

2) Portland Yarn Crawl! - My friend Jill is going to be in PDX and so I decided to go up, hang out with my family and go yarn shopping!

3) Hiking - I keep pictures of an Oregon hike up in my cube and I look at them every day, it just makes me dream about my next hike 

4) Finishing my current epic lace project - I made it to the half-way point and now I just want it to be done! It's going to be gorgeous

5) Starting a Sweater - Last year at stitches west I bulk-bought a bunch of custom fit patterns so I could make sweaters and then I didn't make any so now is the time

6) Warmth - yes Cali has very mild winters, more spring than winter, but I wake up every morning to a very cold house and I'm ready to wake up to something warmer than a refridgerator

7) Trying out a couple new recipes - My sisters and I share a pinterest board that is only for SUCCESSFUL recipes. I want to add a successful recipe every month which means I need to try out more new recipes every month

8) Another class  - I'm finishing up a class in the next couple of weeks so March means something new. I'm ready for something new because this class has been neither interesting nor challenging

9) This - if it's real, I can't figure out how it is more efficient than the traditional methods, but I can't wait to find out

10) Getting back up to a 10k - training for the same race as last year

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