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Monday Blog Reviews

I read an inordinate number of blogs. When I started my first blog I was way too open and didn't have a lot of direction and I followed blogs of a similar vein. Combine that with my continual desire to do random hobbies and my feedly list is out of control (over 300 feeds at last count). 

So Mondays are going to be blog review day I'm going to choose 1 of my many active feeds and I'm going to do a basic review in a standard format

Title: 1000 Awesome Things

URL: http://1000awesomethings.com/

What I love: The focus on the simple things in life. We so often miss them and this is a nice daily reminder. There are also a couple of books. I think they make amazing gifts and I have given them before (that story another day)

What I wish it did: Added new items. There are 1000 different awesome things, and that is a lot, but after a few years the feed just recycles the same content. I would like to see maybe something new or a new take on the same awesome thing once in awhile. 

For you: What is a simple pleasure you enjoyed this week?