What We've Been Up To

10 on Tuesday

Carole, as usual, came up with a timely and fun topic for this week.

I love

  1. Early Springs - California continues to surprise me with daffodils and tulip trees in January and February, it's quite the opposite  of what's going on in New England right now


2. Sunday night knitting - I am trying to get to the halfway point on my stole, and then I have to make decisions (more Friday)


3. Winding up another class - this one class at a time program is continuing at a glacial pace, but I do love the feeling of the downward slide at the end of the term

4. Fun jewelry - I have so much fun putting on fun jewelry every morning. I hit the clearance rack of Old Navy a couple weeks ago for this ring and have been trying out different combinations of bracelet stacking.



5. California's lack of snow - I'm honestly sorry for my dear friends in New England, I don't miss the 3-5 ft of snow that they are currently dealing with. 

6. My new pan - my teflon fry pan is on its very last leg, so it was time for scoping out my favorite kitchen store (tjmaxx/home goods/marshalls/ross). I found a great pan on clearance! 


7. Valentine's day candy and decorations - I actually hate valentine's, but it is fun to see hearts all over, and who doesn't love some great clearance chocolate?

8. Cream puffs - dreaming up new fillings and someday I might even try out some of my ideas

9. Trip planning - my family wants to do a female bonding weekend, there's possibility of a DC trip this year and maybe even a trip to my family cabin this summer. I want all of them to happen and planning has been fun!

10. Blogging - I miss blogging and this new site is a perfectly fun reason to get back into it

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