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10 on Tues - Cheese!

I LOVE cheese, but I grew up in a pretty boring house cheese-wise. The biggest adventure was probably fresh mozzarella, but mild cheddar and colby jack were the staples. Then I went to college and worked in the office of the culinary school and was exposed to all sorts of things. My favorite was when someone from Formaggio came to teach cheese classes and I told them I don't like fancy cheeses and to that challenge he stepped up and offered a taste of a weeping goat cheese which I immediate fell in love with. I'm still not a huge cheese person, but here are some of my favorites. Then there is the story of cheese in my pocket, might get that up for friday

1) Colby Jack - very lightly flavored, but has a creamy texture

2) Chevre - the more expensive the more I probably like it, this is where my champagne taste really shines

3) Tillamook or Cabot Cheddar - my husband likes the sharpest sharp cheddar. I like sharp in a cheese plate, but in most dishes I prefer the mild. Tillamook was local to where I grew up and Cabot was up in New England and I did my visit to both dairies and I highly recommend them.

4) Fresh mozzarella - the soft, wet, best in a caprese salad cheese is constantly found in my fridge

5) Mozzarella - I love the fresh stuff, but if I want mozzarella on a (non-flatbread) the drier, block of mozzarella is what I grab

6) Gruyere - Deliciously flavored, sharp, but not bitter or tart. Gruyere in fondue and mac and cheese really elevates the simple cheese-based awesomeness

7) Brie - preferably baked inside crescent roll dough

8) Parmesan - The very best way to buy this is a small wedge, keep in fridge, grate on everything. I have been known to keep  (this is where my natty light taste really shines) in my fridge as well 

9) Squeaky cheese - cheddar cheese curds the best are the kind that squeak against your teeth

10) Camembert, Marscapone, ricotta, muenster, burrata, pecorino, neufchatel - ok all the cheese 

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