What We've Been Up To

Finally Finished

Since last August I've been slowly working my way through yet another epic lace project. This time I finally broke out Victorian Lace Today which I've owned since it came out. I had 2 skeins of Baruffa Cashwool which is 100% merino. That was more than enough for the project, but since each of my other epic shawls required more than 10% the called for yarn I decided to mod from the beginning.

Biggest modifications I made:

1) Do not do the linking chart between charts  - The chart is 2 rows of stockinette on either side of a 2 row lace netting repeat for a total of 6 rows between every chart which would have meant an extra three hundred some odd rows. 

2) Edge only the beginning and the end - I don't love the edge all the way around

3)  Use provisional cast on for the edging, then go back and bind off - tension was much better 

Modifications I should have made, but didn't

1) go down a couple needle sizes for the edging - it wants to flare

2) keep 2 rows of stockinette between charts - they don't all flow perfectly from one to the next

3) 3 stitch instead of 6 stitch garter on either side - it is kind of a hard edge on a delicate project


Due to my living situation my favorite blocking style (pin out on a queen-size bed) doesn't work anymore so the top/bottom edging really needs re-blocked 



Both pictures are only showing 1 half of the project. I can't fit the whole 10 ft anywhere in my apartment so half over the back of a door is as good as it's going to get.