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Lobster Apron - Prepost

Blue Apron is all the rage around the interwebs and since I love cooking I thought I would give it  shot. I do not own a blue apron, though, so I will call this series Lobster apron (b/c my apron is covered in lobsters) If you want to try I recommend finding a coupon code for a few bux off your first box. If listen to any podcasts with sponsors it is likely that blue apron has been a sponsor, you can also look at groupon. 

I'm going to try and do a post about each meal in the box (there are three), but this post is only about the process and the arrival and packaging of the box.

First, the process was easy and simple to sign up, I used a coupon code from one of my favorite podcasts (Slates Double X Gabfest). I do wish (though I understand why it is not the case) that they didn't just sign me up for what appears to be the never ending future when I just wanted to try a week or two. 

Second, they definitely over communicate the fact that you are signed up and about to receive your first box. I think this is great because I am relatively forgetful until the last second. The emails contain information about the process, the smartphone app and a tracking number. 

So far so good, but then there was the delivery. It showed up at 5 am this morning, which is fine, but 2 things were less than ideal, but before I explain that let me explain the box. It's a relatively big box and when you open it up there is some silver bubble wrap. Once you pry that open I assume you should see most of the ingredients at the top and then under cardboard separator is a giant slap of ice. Under that first slab of ice is (again i assume) a small plastic box with your frozen items in it and under that is another slab of ice.

This is where I ran into problems and I think most of the problems could probably be blamed on the delivery company, not on blue apron, but to be thorough here were my problems

1) that box is heavy and not taped especially well so when I picked it up the bottom popped open. Thankfully I had a decent hold and nothing came crashing out. 

2) Once I got inside and opened it up there was no rhyme or reason to the organization and to be honest half the ingredients were smooshed (looking at you hamburger buns). Again, I don't think this is blue apron's fault and nothing was so smooshed that I couldn't use it, but things had slipped down below the cardboard separator and it was kind of a confusing mess. 

3) The yogurt, while not a frozen item did not seem like it was being kept cold. I wonder if that shouldn't have been down in the iced section? 

I took out all the ingredients and tossed them in the fridge except my three meats. I put the chicken and the fish in the freezer and left the lamb in the fridge to thaw so I can try out the Vadouvan spiced lamb burgers for dinner tonight

Overall I'd give the boxing/arrival/opening a B- it was't horrible, but I think a couple of things could be tweaked to make it an A.