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When knitting wins

The last time I wrote about knitting I had finished my epic shawl. Now, the history of me and epic shawls is less than perfect. I have knit three of them and until now they have been less than used. My first epic shawl still remains in a bag in a closet. The second shawl was given to my mom, to be used as a blanket at church, but I'm 100% sure that she doesn't use it and I wouldn't be surprised if she's not even sure where it is at this point. So after years of knitting epic shawls I finally had a success. I made that giant stole and assumed it would have the same fate. 

Then, my friend decided to get married. She wanted a small ceremony, at San Francisco city hall and did not want the hulabaloo of wedding planning. So her mom sent her a dress and she told me to come in whatever I wanted. I brought 2 dress options one of which was a lacy dinner mint colored dress and the other which was more plain, but would have looked good with the shawl. She decided she liked the mint one so the shawl was not going to be of any use to me. She wanted me to show her how I wear such giant pieces, so I put it on her and it looked absolutely amazing.



Therefore it became part of the wedding attire



It was also in some, but not all wedding pictures. I obviously then gifted the shawl to the bride because if it's going to sit in a closet it might as well be the bride's. I'm so glad I could be part of her wedding and it went way smoother than I had expected. Nothing like a knitting win and a wedding win