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Lobster Apron Meal 1

The Blue apron box came with 3 meals and I decided the first meal I would cook would be Vadouvan Spiced Lamb burgers with mint lemon yogurt sauce and crispy zucchini rounds

The recipe card is very easy and definitely written for people that don't cook well. I wish there was a consolidated, simplified recipe card so I didn't feel like I was being patronized from the beginning. That said, if I were designing this, I too would have given the very specific steps as I have seen that there are plenty of people that do not know how to do anything in the kitchen.

Onto the good and the bad. Let's start with the bad. In the future if/when I make this again I would definitely sautee the onions that are used in the burger patty and I will add a bit more salt to every step. Even at a small dice the onions did not soften when the patties were cooked. I might also toss the Vadouvan spices in at the end of the sautee to bloom them a bit. Second, I felt that the mint/yogurt sauce really could have used a bit longer to meld the flavors, but that would complicate the recipe and the timing. 

The good is next. I love the yogurt used in the breading procedure, it worked as well or better than the traditional egg-based breading procedure.

breading procedure


One thing that thoroughly surprised me were the portions. I assumed they would be healthy sized (or tiny plates), but 1 burger and half of the zucchini rounds were more than satisfying, I probably could have had 3 meals out of the whole lot without feeling like i was moving into unsatisfyingly small portions. 

finished meal

Final observation: I believe that a good meal feels even better if served on nice plates, so I pulled out 1 of my 2 pretty dinner plates and used it for presentation. Use the fine china, that's what it's for in my opinion. 


I am definitely looking forward to eating the second portion as my lunch today. Deliciouso