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Lobster Apron Meal #2

Meal 2 was also a success! This one was super fun, but again made me wish I had a dishwasher because there were so many dishes.

Also we should establish that my kitchen (my house as a whole) is very small so while I CLEAN all the time there is only so much tidying that can be done so my counters are a always covered in boxes and containers that have no other home. 

This time it was breaded chicken with an arugula corn salad with mustard vinaigrette. 


  • I loved the breading technique for the chicken 
  1.  Flour
  2. Mustard/water mixture
  3. bread crumbs
  • I enjoyed the portion size again, it was not too small, plenty filling and while not low calorie (700 or so) it's not outrageous for a full dinner meal. 
breading ingredients


  • The salad could use some non-arugula greens to balance the peppery-ness of the arugula
  • All  of the recipes call for too much oil
  • So many packages/package waste (again I think that is kind of the nature of this business/product)
  • corn is a pain to cut off the cob without getting it all over the kitchen. 
  • I don't love instructions that say things like "take half of the"  I'd prefer to just measure it out correctly. I'll admit that I could based on the full recipe, but it might make more sense to say measure out 2 Tbsp of the mustard (in the first instruction) and then use the rest of the mustard 
  • these blue apron dishes do not seem to work well for leftovers (but again, the product is not designed for leftovers, I'm just 1 person and the smallest order is for 2 people so I always have 2 meals)

Changes I would make next time

Use a regular (not non-stick) pan for everything. I am not a fan of non-stick pans for most food, but currently I only have a HUGE sautee pan so I used non-stick and it just doesn't color as well.

Use frozen corn instead of fresh off the cob

Eat it off of a pretty plate instead of an ugly one

Overall it was again a complete success!

finished meal