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Let's call it Rededication

I read a million* blogs. All of these blogs are talking about resolutions. I've probably talked about it before, but resolutions annoy me and yet I find myself very into it this year. Maybe it's because I'm on a break from classes and have finally had time to think. It could be because I started another decade of life a couple of months ago, or it could be because I know that there are some big changes coming up sometime after July (no, I'm not growing my family). Whatever the reason I'm apparently all about resolutions for 2016. 

To make sure I can stand myself, though, I'm not going to call most of them resolutions. I have a couple traditions, a couple skills and a couple of new things I want to try. 

Are you in a similar place with resolutions? Try rules instead, or if you prefer themes/focus words try the weeklong practice to find the right one for you

So what did I decide for me this year? 

1) My theme/word/focus is still a moving target but I think I'm getting close to using Complete as my theme. It evolved from a few other ideas and I'm close to solidifying it, but this theme will show up throughout the year. 

2) Something new that I want to try: Pull-ups. I have never in my life been able to do a pull-up, even as a kid in PE. So it's on the list. My goal by the end of Jan is to figure out a plan to work up to a pull-up. I don't even know where to start. 

3) Tradition to continue: Arts appreciation. Since I moved to CA I have tried to fit in some fine art in my life on a quarterly basis. I have hit a museum, seen a play, a ballet and a couple of other concerts and I want to keep that going.

4) Rule: Plan for Success. I know myself and I know that I get more done when I plan my weeks, I am better nourished when I plan my meals and I feel better when I plan my evenings to include the workouts I need. My budget works when I use it and I feel better about everything when I know what is coming. My OCD can be debilitating, but it can also be the small nudge I need to keep my life in order. This year I'm using it to my advantage. 

5) Knitting:

           a) Finish the unfinished before school starts. I'm typically a monogamous knitter and recently that has not been the case which has a tendency to make my knitting slow and super annoying. I'd like to get myself back to monogamy before I'm back to classes in Feb.

Beginning of a Stocking for my Bro-in-law

Beginning of a Stocking for my Bro-in-law

           b) Pick projects for stash. Even if I don't start/finish them, just finding things that will work with my stash is the best start I can think of for eventually using up some of the stash

            c) Design or find  a swing jacket/a-line sweater for my stitches yarn from last year. I had a picture in my head of how I want to use the yarn and if the pattern exists I'd rather use it than make my own, but I could also figure something out if need be

*ok maybe just 386