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Things To Enjoy about this Season

Fall is my season. It's sweaters but not parkas, it's hot drinks and cozy blankets. It's outdoors without misery. So the topic from Carole this month is almost too easy for me. 10 Things to Enjoy About this Season 

1) The light - with or without daylight savings there is something amazing about the light from the sun this time of year. The height of the sun, the gently clear sky, it all adds up to something gorgeous

2) Food - I LOVE FOOD, all kinds, but the sheer volume of comfort food is amazing in the fall. Turkey, pumpkin everything, pumpkin spice everything, cinnamon and other warm spices. 

3) Birthday - My birthday is in the fall and it really kicks off "the holiday season" for me. I love celebrating another year on this earth, another year of grown and another beginning. This year will be at my parents and hopefully it will be full of projects and distractions. 

4) Leaves - The view from my couch back in MA is a perfect place to watch the leaves change colors. When you live in a place like New England it is easy to miss the abundance of riches all around you in the fall, but I love New England the second week of october. There is no where so beautiful

5) Crisp - both the air and the dessert.

6) Fires - Fall is the start of fire season. Our current MA residence has an awesome gas fireplace so I could use it all year, but I really associate it with Fall and winter. I melt in front of the fire, it is my comfortable place

7) Thanksgiving - in my house turkey day is out of a magazine or tv show. Pies of awesomeness and the nice china

 Let's broaden this a bit to my season of life

8) I am finally at a point in my life where my inside age matches my outside age. I'm a real grown up and I love being a grown up. I like being in charge of life decisions and fighting to get what I need. 

9) This season has also meant being #singlenotsingle. I'm married, but I live apart from my spouse which has led to some life building of and for myself. It's been very hard and I can't say I've made 100% perfect or even good choices, but they are exclusively mine and that is something I love. 

10) Physicality - I am not one to love the look of my body. I don't hate it like I did in my past, but I don't really love it. This season though is a season of pride in what my body can accomplish.