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I don't write here enough, I don't think that will change. This is my space though and my space needs to be filled today. 

This is an outcome I never dreamed of, an outcome I do not have to be ok with. What I hope is that people chose their cause. Choose that one cause and dedicate to fighting for it. There are millions of injustices and you could choose a million ways to fight, but the most effective, most differentiating move is going to be through singular focus. 

Stop giving a shit that people will think you are weird. Be nice to them. Open your mouth in the grocery store, get to know the guy in line next to you on the subway because he too is human. Do you know your neighbors? No really, do you know them? What are their names? What do they do for a living, what makes them happy? Would you be comfortable supporting them in a time of need? Get to know them, learn what makes them happy, build a community of support instead of a divisive community of petty hate. 

Build it because we need it. Build it because your children need it. Build it because it will make a difference in the long run. Please build it so this nation doesn't destroy itself.