What We've Been Up To

Annual Theme

Every year I come up with a word or phrase of the year. Last year was "complete", and it really helped me to focus on finishing those things I start. This year I found a new theme "invest" I mean to invest in every way. Sure there is monetary (which will be a huge focus in the second half of the year), but what I'm really looking for is an intentionality toward the future. I don't mean to look to the future for solutions, but rather to do the work today, in this moment that will lead to a future that I like. 

There is an earnestness to what I am working on, a real focus on completing things so my comfort and joy is easier to find. All the necessary evils of every day life (dishes I'm looking at you) are going to remain, but my goal is to either find a way to make them joyful, or look at the future, how do I want this to look a year from now?

So, I'm investing. I'm investing in me, my marriage and my comfort level and joy.


  1. Documenting the things that are preventing my happiness
  2. Establishing routines
  3. Sharing my skills - I found a new place to volunteer, I attend my first volunteer meeting tonight
  4. Upping the speed at which I complete my formal education - I will never stop learning, but I need to check a box and the faster I check the box the sooner I get to spend that time on more intentional and skill based learning. 
  5. Fitness - I learned last year that lifting heavy things makes me happy. I don't expect that to change in the future so I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing.
  6.  Making a home. Brainstorming what a home means to me helped a lot to define what projects are needed in and around my house. Dedicated spaces are being created
  7. Find a mutual interest - more later
  8. Experience something great