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Move March

I moved across the country (again) and have almost completely settled into my new home. I've got a handful of projects I still want to accomplish, but in general I'm settled.

Last year the best thing I did was find an amazing gym that was full of amazing coaches and I made huge strides in my confidence. This move has necessitated a new gym and while I could not find a crossfit gym to fall in love with, I did find a gym that has a strength component and core values that fit with my fitness needs and wants. A great thing about a great gym is that there is a component of sharing. This new gym runs a contest and for March it basically requires a social media check in every day about how you are moving more and moving better. I am not going to post on the blog daily, but I will likely post on FB/Instagram every day. 

How do you move better? How do you move more? 

Some ideas for me:

To Move More:

  1. play music, random dancing is so much easier when there is music to dance to
  2. take a walk. I am going to try and incorporate a short walk at lunch at least 2x/week this month
  3. daily stretching/yoga I rolled out my yoga mat in my spare room and I hope to use it often
  4. gym presence. I know myself and I do not push myself to improve without the tools and environment to do so. This means I need to be at the gym at least 3x/week. Especially after 1.5 months with no gym at all
  5. stand. I bought a sit/stand desk for my new office and I need to more regularly use it in the stand position
  6. finish projects. I need to paint 2 rooms and that is going to require a solid amount of movement including

To Move better

  1. see 3 and 4 above
  2. massages - I've looked into a monthly massage subscription, 
  3. Baths - For me baths are centering, relaxing and restorative. Now that I live with giant BATHTUB I will take advantage at least 1x/week of the benefits it can provide
  4. Sleep - it is time for a new mattress, I'm waking up daily with a headache and poor sleep experience the time to invest is now

I'll be back tomorrow with my yearly theme and then an update from February's participation in that theme (PICTURES!)